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Description of the dataset

Data include 13,379 plankton samples. Approximately 2000 taxa, many identified to species level, are included. The data are from a variety of cruises.

ICES Historical Plankton Dataset Summary
Year Month Stage Taxa
Start       End
YearMonthStageTaxonomicNo. Samples
19028LarvaeAnnelida 6
19028LarvaeCrustacea 21
19028LarvaeHyperiidea 5
190211LarvaeAnnelida 16
190211LarvaeAsteriidae 2
190211LarvaeClupeidae 1
190211LarvaeCrustacea 3
190211LarvaeMalacostraca 6
190211LarvaeOphiuroidea 15
190211LarvaePhoronis 10
19028Not specifiedAnomalocera patersoni 21
19028Not specifiedAphanizomenon flos-aquae9
19028Not specifiedBranchiostoma lanceolatum 1
19028Not specifiedCalanus hyperboreus 4
19028Not specifiedCentropages hamatus25
19028Not specifiedCentropages typicus 33
19028Not specifiedCerataulina pelagica2
19028Not specifiedCeratium furca13
19028Not specifiedCeratium fusus23
19028Not specifiedCeratium longipes7
19028Not specifiedCeratium macroceros29
19028Not specifiedCeratium tripos32
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros affinis1
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros borealis2
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros compressus1
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros concavicornis1
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros curvisetus1
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros danicus4
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros decipiens2
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros didymus 2
19028Not specifiedChaetoceros wighamii4
19028Not specifiedCorycaeus anglicus 3
19028Not specifiedCoscinodiscus concinnus5
19028Not specifiedDiastylis rathkei1
19028Not specifiedDinophysis acuta14
19028Not specifiedEurytemora affinis12
19028Not specifiedEvadne nordmanni31
19028Not specifiedEvadne spinifera 19
19028Not specifiedFritillaria borealis3
19028Not specifiedGonyaulax spinifera1
19028Not specifiedGuinardia flaccida13
19028Not specifiedGuinardia striata4
19028Not specifiedHyperia galba 1
19028Not specifiedMeganyctiphanes norvegica4
19028Not specifiedMetridia longa 8
19028Not specifiedMetridia lucens 12
19028Not specifiedMysis mixta3
19028Not specifiedMysis relicta2
19028Not specifiedNoctiluca scintillans1
19028Not specifiedNodularia spumigena3
19028Not specifiedOithona similis39
19028Not specifiedParacalanus parvus19
19028Not specifiedParasagitta elegans 2
19028Not specifiedPasiphaea tarda 2
19028Not specifiedPleurobrachia pileus 6
19028Not specifiedPodon intermedius25
19028Not specifiedPodon leuckartii1
19028Not specifiedPontoporeia femorata2
19028Not specifiedProboscia alata17
19028Not specifiedProtoperidinium depressum12
19028Not specifiedProtoperidinium divergens5
19028Not specifiedProtoperidinium ovatum2
19028Not specifiedProtoperidinium pallidum1
19028Not specifiedProtoperidinium pellucidum6
19028Not specifiedPseudocalanus elongatus 43
19028Not specifiedRhizosolenia imbricata5
19028Not specifiedRhizosolenia styliformis9
19028Not specifiedRotifera7
19028Not specifiedTemora longicornis45
19028Not specifiedThalassiosira baltica1
19028Not specifiedThalassiosira eccentrica1
19028Not specifiedThemisto abyssorum5
190211Not specifiedAchnanthes1
190211Not specifiedActinocyclus octonarius 9
190211Not specifiedActinoptychus senarius5
190211Not specifiedAnomalocera patersoni 5
190211Not specifiedAphanizomenon flos-aquae10
190211Not specifiedAsterionellopsis glacialis2
190211Not specifiedBranchiostoma lanceolatum 2
190211Not specifiedCalanus hyperboreus 6
190211Not specifiedCandacia armata 1
190211Not specifiedCentropages hamatus38
190211Not specifiedCentropages typicus 28
190211Not specifiedCerataulina pelagica49
190211Not specifiedCeratium furca45
190211Not specifiedCeratium fusus63
190211Not specifiedCeratium horridum15
190211Not specifiedCeratium lineatum41
190211Not specifiedCeratium longipes41
190211Not specifiedCeratium macroceros57
190211Not specifiedCeratium tripos84
Number of rows = 198
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